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  • Marciano Moletta Has a ton of experience. Know's to handle her patient very well and very detailed in her work. Good at her job. We were referred by another doctor to consult her, we were scared in the beginning but we were blessed to get a doctor like her. Down to earth person very understanding, even if we had a doubt in the middle part of the night she replies without fail.

    Thank you mam we had a successful delivery because of your support. God bless you always

    Kalaivani Eswaran She is very down to earth. Sweet and caring.Very practical

  • Ds Very experienced and patient doc. I had a complicated pregnancy and she really made it simple thro her expertise and experience. She cleared all my doubts at any time of the day or night which is very important for pregnancy at final stages.

    I would definitely recommend her.

    Alagu Sundari P Many thanks to Dr. Premalatha. Am blessed with a baby girl. Only because of her confidence n expertise i had a successful vaginal delivery inspite of few complications. She is so down to earth. Listens to all our queries and answers very clearly. Takes care of her patients like her own family member. Thanks again

  • Ramya Ramasamy Dr. Premalatha is one of my favourite doctors in chennai. She is so punctual and don't keep patients in waiting well past appoitment time like most most of the doctors. She only speaks a few sentences but allows you to clear all your doubts and go banck home in peace. She doesn't create unnecessary panic in patients by exaggerating the issue.I totally love the experience with Dr. Premalatha.

    Nivedha Visiting the doctor for the first time and she was such a calm person. satisfied with the appointment.

  • Srividhya V One of the most practical doctors we have today. Precisely inform us what we are supposed to know. Answers queries in a practical way. No unnecessary prescriptions unless absolutely necessary.

    Mrs. Priyanka Saha I saw Dr. Premalatha quite in my pregnancy. Having arrived at a new city at the start of the final trimester of my first pregnancy. I was stressed about finding the right doctor who is both efficient and approachable. Dr. Premalatha was a Godsend. Estremely confident and calm she knew what she is doing and at the same time gave a patient and friendly hearing to all my concerns. Thanks to her I could really enjoy my pragnancy! She is the best doctor I could get for the birth of my son.

  • Anisha Dr. Premalatha delivered both my children and I have immense confidence in her abilities. She is an extremely positive and practical doctor who helps you go through pregnancies like a breeze. Although many other gyneco-logists had predicted a c-sec as my baby was quite heavy, Dr. Premalatha's instincts and ethics prompted me to have normal deliveries in both cases. I trust her for advice and judgement all gynecological health aspects.

  • Verified Patient Absolutely amazing doctor who puts you at ease. Very pro normal delivery and encourages you for it. One apt example would be me where my first kd was c section and the second was normal that Dr. Premalatha helped deliver. From the beginning she was very supportive and positive about me having a normal delivery.

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